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Little King has released the first single from Amuse De Q! The title is “Keyboard Soldier,” and you can read along with the lyrics on the new YouTube Video or just stream the song and read the words below:

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Thanks so much for your support…we hope you dig it.


Lyrics by Ryan Rosoff (c) ASCAP 2021, All Rights Reserved

“You could be the good kind of trouble
The kind that burns the rules to rubble
On a page where truth’s subjective
You could burn a whole lot more
With an ember of perspective

Keyboard Soldier
Feed the troll more bass

Into the Negative Space
Control Alt Delete erase
What’s the password in this place?

I don’t think you understand
Sinking in the social quicksand
Divide and conquer from your phone
Come outside, brother
I hope you come alone

Keyboard Soldier
Feed the troll more bass

Fist meet face
Orange you a sad disgrace
Watch that dude catch a case…

You could show some real empathy
Look at yourself, what do you see?
All our Lives can’t really matter
Until it’s true that all Black Lives do

Hit the streets
Rip their sheets
Delete the tweets

Keyboard Don Juan
Soon you will be gone”

Little King is Ryan Rosoff (Guitar & Vox), Manny Tejeda (Bass & Vox), and Eddy Garcia (drums). The song was recorded at Krank Studios in El Paso and was engineered by Garcia, produced by Rosoff, mixed by Daniel Salcido, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum.

Filmed, edited and produced by Vien Nguyen