OCCAM’S FOIL LYRICS by Ryan Rosoff, (c) 2019 ASCAP

All Rights Reserved


I can see your hate
You wear it well, so well
You built your big, beautiful wall
And threw those kids in a cell
Un-American Hell

So here’s the plan…

Meet at 10, I’ll tell you when
Strike at 12, then hide yourself
Back at 10, we’ll do it again
Count to 9 and cross the line

Keep it up, keep it down, heroes
Wall city, Sun City rebels
Keep it up, keep it down, Dreamers
Storm the camps, free up the nameless
Clean it up, clean it up, heathens
Skybeard come to take you

Meet at 10, I’ll tell you where
Take up arms, we soon shall bear
Take 11 straight to heaven
Smash the cages, if you dare

Dissonance is growing
Your ignorance is showing

Skybeard sees your walls
And he counts your hate
A real man feeds on love and hope
Clean it up, it’s not too late


In your room
Glass of White
Beating up your phone
Just keep it cool
Soon you’ll be alone

Such a mess
Ball of stress
Nerves so tightly wound
The walls are thin
And closing in

Kills without a sound

I slept alone for many years
If that’s what one calls sleep
I told you all I wanted was
The truth to hold and keep

Because I really loved you
I took the higher ground
But I wanted you to know
What I’d finally found

I’m in your room
I’m everywhere
You’ll never be alone
Just when you thought
That fool could take my throne

But he’s no saint
In fact he ain’t
Any man at all
The poison’s in –
Under your skin

Drowned in alcohol

Do you have a real regret
A moment that you knew
That when I was really gone
Your anchor would be, too?

Now I am in your head
Right where I want to be

And I wanted you to know
I’m at one with the skin that I’m in…


If I was a lost and lonely terrapin
Crossing on a crazy coastal road

Would you lift me by the shell
And set me in the bay?
This highway is a mortal threat to me

A creature here who wanders off
Had better hope and pray

Forgotten Mile made me lose my way
And now I wander aimless, night and day
Such a strange and slender road that wore my
Shell away

Take me back to the sea
Hide my deepest fears from me

Find yourself another highway to take
Another way to fix your mistake

The 1 may help you leave behind
The things that you regret

Forgotten Mile helped me find my way
But this is not a place we wish to stay
Such a strained and slender road that tore my
Shell away


Come to me
Right through me
Come see what
Really moves me

Come on to
This side
Down the
Slip and Slide…

We can bring a badass party
We can drink up your Bacardi
We can make you think much deeper
We can make you want to keep her

Swing so easy
Find that groove
This ain’t Yeezy
Or Show and Prove

Satan’s prank is right before us
Jesus, Guns, and a Ford Taurus
Meat is murder, so said Morriss(ey)
(E)volution to the chorus…

Keep it simple (stupid stupid)
You can dance to this…

We can rip your eyes wide open
We can meet at Cave Head Slopin’
We can make you think much deeper
We can put you in a sleeper

Hold me, thrill me
Whip me, kill me
Dusty people
Needle, Sheeple

Keep it simple (stupid stupid)
You can dance to this
Keep it simple (stupid stupid)
Ignorance is bliss

Keep me lit and play that number
I can groove to this
Slip into a drunken slumber
Sleep in my own piss

Father please hear my pleas
Help me find lasting peace
Father please free my mind
Not afraid of what I’ll find…

I believe that I can
Use my brain, understand
Thought control, open mind
Nevermore will I be blind


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