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SILVER TONGUE” is available HERE and NOW!


Little King – Silver Tongue ( – (Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music, etc.)


The Dynamic Rock band Little King have released their new single, ‘Silver Tongue’, to all of the usual Digital platforms. ‘Silver Tongue’ is the raucous culmination of 25+ years of Little King releases. This single is a celebration of the band’s musical history as well as a confident launch into the future. Moody, introspective, heavy, complex, and ultimately triumphant, ‘Silver Tongue’ stands as the quintessential Little King opus.

The song was written and recorded during rehearsals for the band’s 25th anniversary shows in 2022. According to the singer/guitarist Ryan Rosoff, “I really wanted to find elements from each previous album and incorporate them into the song. During the bridge, we reference each Little King album title lyrically. But I also found the spirit of the music to be a throwback to early Little King…heavy and raw but with some modern polish.”

Per the usual, the band recorded in phases. The drums and guitar bed tracks were laid down first, then Ryan went home and finished the lyrics. The band even recorded a version with some flute solos! They didn’t make the Final Cut, but down the road, they might appear in a re-mix, according to Rosoff.

Stay tuned to or @littlekingtunes on FB/IG/Twitter/YouTube for release info, special giveaways, tour announcements, and more!

Lyrics: Ryan Rosoff

Music: Little King

Produced by: Ryan Rosoff

Engineered by: Eddy Razor Garcia at Krank Studios in El Paso, TX

Mixed by: Daniel Salcido at Command Space Audio in Los Angeles, CA

Mastered by: Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, California, USA

Video by: Vien Nguyen

(p) (c) Ryan Rosoff and Mad Bell Records (ASCAP), 2023, All Rights Reserved

Ryan Rosoff – Guitar and Vox Manny Tejeda – Bass Eddy Garcia – Drums


Got fooled when no one cared
Got twisted up on the pen
A pound of
Patience and presence
To fall apart and coalesce again

Sold a bill of goods
With a Silver Tongue
Paralyzed, face up
And sleeping like the dead when it stung

Weaponized, chest out
Criticized, no doubt
Sold a bill goods

A man of high character
Is sometimes aware when he’s wrong

And 25 is a relative number
There’s so much more to give
A bringer of change
It’s an even exchange

Peace and Love-
Elegant dream
A Utopian joke?
More cynical
So Critical
Shouldn’t be so extreme

Even though I foretold the flood
Doesn’t mean it’s not already happening
Once more, I crawl through the mud
To beg for one dose of clarity

Got battered up, I’m on the mend
With words so intimate
To talk the talk and fall apart again

I told a pack of lies
With a Silver Tongue
Paralyzed, toes up
And leading with my head when I was young

What did I do?
What did it prove?

Analyzed, struck out
Compromised, no doubt
It’s time for a change

Summit Timing
Viral Fool
Over-Driven and Foiled
In the queue…

When I’m Wrong
When you are running on the back-end
Of your time
Falling down then back up on the climb

And 25 is a serious number
I know, there’s so much more to do
A Bringer of change-
It’s an even exchange
Slinging silver over you

Peace and Love-
It’s an elegant dream
A Utopian joke-
It’s really not that fucking funny…
Shouldn’t be so obscene

Just because I foretold the flood
Doesn’t mean it’s not already happening
The core of all things to come

To be the change I need
To execute the deed
To be the man I wanna see…