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In late-2023, our friend Jimmy Rae with SKOPE MAGAZINE was kind enough to ask us some questions about each of our albums from 1997’s Transmountain all the way up to “Amber Waves (GoodBye)” in 2023. What started as a simple interview morphed into 20+ pages of Little King’s musical history!

SKOPE’s Little King Memoir…27 Years of Music for the Heart and Mind

The interview is chock full of previously unknown tidbits of information that make the Little King experience unique, The hope is that you all will read it, take some nuggets of inspiration, and perhaps re-visit the catalog of your favorite indie dynamic rock band. Thanks for letting us pontificate and bloviate, Jimmy. And to you all, the faithful FOLK…thank you for reading and always supporting the dream!


There are 2 new songs on the way! Little King will be tracking in March of 2024 and will decide then whether to release the tunes individually or dive back into a full-length album. Either way, we are thrilled to be back with new songs…as always…yup…WE HOPE YOU ALL DIG IT!


Ryan joined Rikki Murillo in January of 2024 for a 40 minute chat about the music of Little King, the creative process, and the business of managing one’s own multiple careers while maintaining balance and creativity…and a lot more! We definitely covered a lot of ground, so please check it out here: Ryan Rosoff of Little King Podcast w/RIkki Murillo


Finally, we were thrilled to be the “Daily Inspiration” at VoyageLA…Please Check it out here: Ryan Rosoff of Little King Daily Inspiration VoyageLA